The Classroom

The number of pupils in each course is limited so that the teachers give personal concentration to an individual student. In the pre-KG Sections, the 2-seater comfy desks are organized specially for each age group with color matching the color on the wall. Each classroom has a distinct color scheme to give a fine learning environment.

The Computer Laboratory

Our academic curriculum contains Computer Studies from grades 1 to 12. Students relish both theory and practical lessons in the subject. Our newly upgraded computer laboratory helps each child to work alone in well-designed workstations, engaging with MS Word, Paint, Excel, PowerPoint, Java, and much more.

The Audio Visual Room

Reserved to advancing student interest and wisdom using visual stimuli, we take every chance to offer documentaries, YouTube videos, short films, film clips, and other trending information objects. These are integrated into watching, learning, and grasping academic purposes, assemblies, projects, & quizzes.


Our school’s transport management department works to better the student’s transportation administration and structure their transport requirements, guarantee the security of our students, and create a valuable service that nourishes value for money for our parents. Child Safety is our priority and concern.