Secondary Year

SVS Public High School


The Students of secondary grades of V to X are provided with a significant understanding of each subject. Once the foundation of learning is established in the primary classes, they are further provided with the required academic rigour to prepare them for the upcoming challenges. We provide our students with an integrated knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, in an easily comprehensible manner through our unique teaching methods.

We all know how primary and secondary education works in our country and how the curriculum differs from one class to another. The curriculum for secondary school or higher secondary school focuses on the career building of a student apart from academic achievements, for which different activities and programs are initiated along with the academic subjects in the curriculum.


Through a combination of activities that are both individual and collaborative, we build an appreciation for learning that transcends subject boundaries. Our collaborative learning projects are multi-disciplinary and encourage applying learning to help solve real world problems. We believe in using Project Based Learning to foster innovation. Our students research on identifying specific areas that they would want to investigate. This, we believe, motivates them to use a variety of resources, research and find sustainable solutions.


Student Assessment at the secondary School is in accordance with the mandate provided from time to time by Start Government. Students are assessed across scholastic and co-Scholastic domains. Using a combination of continuous assessment and structured assessment schedules, we are able to understand the progression of skills and concepts in students. Our curricular plan is flexible to accommodate feedback from such assessments and classroom observations to continuously improve our pedagogical strategies and student outcomes.